KHS badgeHere is the KHS Music Department Site Mk II, now (from May 2015) rebuilding and expanding the original 2009 site in WordPress to enable live classroom updating and development. It should also now have a responsive layout appropriate to browser windows of all widths with particular care taken to limit horizontal scrolling in narrower devices like phones, so please let us know if any pages don’t meet this aim.

While some of our CfE (National 4/5 and New Higher) materials from 2013 onwards have been retained here, the completion of our last ‘old-style’ course with the 2014–15 Advanced Higher also marked a natural point to drop much of the rest to work on the new. The random photo selections from various pages of the old site have been restored to a non-random gallery here, but the Discussion board initially just mothballed won’t be returning now Google Classroom’s completely taken over its role.

So please feel free to look around and, if you’re a KHS Music Pupil, get to know what’s here. As always, we’ll be making regular use of the site in class, but remember it’s here for you all the time, accessible 24/7 from anywhere with an Internet connection!


Teacher of Music: Mr P. Duggan
String Tutor: Ms S. Hollingdale
Brass Tutor: Mr M. Reynolds

This website is maintained by Mr Duggan.