Department Aims

[To be expanded to incorporate separate Music Technology courses]

These aims were first put together for a departmental handbook many years ago, still seemed relevant enough to find a new home here in 2009, and still do today. We still believe in encouragement!

To encompass the aims of the school — and those of the curriculum — in departmental policy and work.

To provide all pupils with the opportunity to:

  • Play musical instruments [NB this includes singing] and give them the support they need to develop their practical skills.
  • Invent, listen and respond to music.
  • Develop knowledge and understanding of musical concepts, and encourage them to apply this to their own creative work.
  • Realise their full musical potential.

To provide a broad range of new musical experiences and encourage an open-minded approach to these.

To encourage participation in musical activities both in and out of the school, and help to develop the pupils’ awareness that music is there to be enjoyed for life.

To operate a policy of equal opportunity, regardless of race, gender or ability.