Department Rules

The ‘rules’ were first written down (having been more-or-less understood for years) for the new S1 in June 2009. They’re common sense really, and try to say ‘do’ rather than ‘don’t’ (we prefer encouragement to restriction!), but some ‘don’t’s are unfortunately still necessary…

[Awaiting revision]

Please knock on the door if you arrive for your lesson and you can’t see the teacher. Don’t just stand there!

Because the Music Department is full of expensive and delicate equipment, please:

  • Treat everything with care and move carefully at all times.
  • Move things carefully or ask the teacher to move them if they’re in your way. But don’t sit or try to work where you don’t have space!
  • Only move stools by carrying them (not by dragging them behind you).
  • Keep water bottles away from musical instruments and anything electronic.

Learn where to find things, get them out when you need them and put them back when you’re finished with them. But don’t touch anything you haven’t been told you can use.

Remember that Music is a noisy subject, so only make necessary noise! :-)