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Music Technology is back!

So timetabling constraints left us with several years’ gap in formal Music Technology provision following its Curriculum for Excellence split to separate new courses, but things change and we’re bringing it back as an S3 BGE option in session 2018–19 and Senior Phase SQA course in 2019–20! :-) Please see our new course choice advice … Read more

Für Elise: D or E?

Some food for thought for our piano players who like to play (or hope to learn) at least the first section of Beethoven’s Für Elise: Beethoven, Für Elise WoO 59 – Do you strike the right note? So what do you do? In the end, you choose. Teacher has played both in the past and … Read more

Ten Pieces Glasgow Concert

Following our trip to Inverness for the BBC Ten Pieces film in October, our new S3 (2015–16 S2) and Nat 4/5 Music pupils travelled to Glasgow on 7 June for the live concert given by the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra. And, while this pretty well marks the end of this year’s ‘official’ project, we’ve surely … Read more

Why I’m here

A Music Teacher’s Story from Mr Duggan My second years asked me today why I became a music teacher and I thought a serious question demanded a serious answer, so I told them… I’d studied music at Edinburgh University, followed by a year studying recorder at Koninklijk Conservatorium in The Hague (Holland) with ambitions to … Read more

Philharmonia Orchestra instrument guides

Pupils (especially those studying SQA Music courses) please note the recent addition of these excellent videos to our links page for those wanting/needing to explore the instruments in more depth than the other ‘orchestra’ links there: Philharmonia Orchestra: Instrument Guides Which are also available with additional static content at:

BBC Ten Pieces Secondary

S2 and S3 Music travelled to Inverness to see the new BBC Ten Pieces film today. So now to capture some of the interest and enthusiasm it generated in creative and imaginative responses to this exciting project… What we’re planning is to continue with normal S2 group performance on guitar, bass, drums etc. (e.g. Group … Read more

Microphone clip webcam mount

Something first posted to Mr Duggan’s personal blog on 25 January that might have gone straight here if the site rebuild with this news/blog section had been done. Quite a departure here when most of the blog’s about my own outdoor or musical activities, but here’s something I made for work nearly three years ago, … Read more

Some tips for listening exams

Another note (first posted May 2010) saved from the Discussion board, tweaked when posted here to match the new Mandatory Concept lists, and slightly edited again in January 2018… Multiple choice Answer the question you’re being asked, not the one you think you’re being asked. So how many boxes should you tick in how many columns, … Read more