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Erlkönig and Sibelius Live Analysis

Two things for Nat 4/5 and Higher pupils to note here:

  1. Some YouTube video animations of Schubert’s Erlkönig.
  2. A new use for Sibelius they’ve inspired.

For those just discovering this music for the first time, Erlkönig is a mega-classic creepy Lied (German art song) from a Goethe poem about a father galloping through the forest with his terrified child. It was written when Schubert was just 18 and, despite three subsequent revisions before publication six years later, remains not just essentially the same piece but one of the most famous and influential songs ever written.

  • Here it is for tenor voice in the original G minor, which you should watch first because you can switch on English subtitles for this one (note that the singer plays narrator, father, son and Erlkönig!).
    [Daniel Norman, Tenor; Sholto Kynoch, Piano]
  • And here for baritone (a useful voice/timbre comparison) in E minor.
    [Paul Berkolds, baritone; Peter Miyamoto, Piano]
  • We’ve removed the link to the third video because it’s no longer available on YouTube.

As for the ‘new use for Sibelius’ watching these videos has inspired, you can find this on the school computers under Pupil Shared > Coursework > Music > Read > Sibelius Live Analysis. You need to be on a Music Department computer to use it because Sibelius isn’t installed anywhere else, and we’ve called it ‘Sibelius Live Analysis’ because it’s sheet music annotated with Nat 4/5, Higher and Advanced Higher concepts you can play back as much as you like to see them labelled as you hear them, guided by the Sibelius ‘green line’ playback cursor to show you where you are. There are two pieces (Erlkönig and Le Coucou by French baroque composer Daquin) there so far, but of course we plan to add more in time.