Für Elise: D or E?

Some food for thought for our piano players who like to play (or hope to learn) at least the first section of Beethoven’s Für Elise: Beethoven, Für Elise WoO 59 – Do you strike the right note? So what do you do? In the end, you choose. Teacher has played both in the past and … Read more

Why I’m here

A Music Teacher’s Story from Mr Duggan My second years asked me today why I became a music teacher and I thought a serious question demanded a serious answer, so I told them… I’d studied music at Edinburgh University, followed by a year studying recorder at Koninklijk Conservatorium in The Hague (Holland) with ambitions to … Read more

Microphone clip webcam mount

Something first posted to Mr Duggan’s personal blog on 25 January that might have gone straight here if the site rebuild with this news/blog section had been done. Quite a departure here when most of the blog’s about my own outdoor or musical activities, but here’s something I made for work nearly three years ago, … Read more

Test post

Just a test post for the ‘news’ (blog) section… somewhere for announcements, info on current activities, deadlines and what have you! :-)