Third Level Music Experiences and Outcomes (not to be confused with National 3!)

  • I can sing and/or play music from a range of styles and cultures and perform my chosen music confidently using performance directions, musical notation and/or playing by ear.
    EXA 3-16a
  • I can use my voice, musical instruments or music technology to improvise or compose with melody, rhythm, harmony, timbre and structure.
    EXA 3-17a
  • I have listened to a range of music and can identify features and concepts. I can give constructive comments on my own and others’ work, including the work of professionals.
    EXA 3-19a

[Consider adding other relevant Es & Os etc. — not just Music-specific.]

Education Scotland Expressive Arts Benchmarks

Some things seem to need constant adaptation to meet changing needs, and our S1–2 Course is one of them! Historically, we had one period per week for each S1–2 class, then gained a second period for S2 over several years. A second period for S1 followed from Session 2007–8, but subsequent timetabling constraints resulted in both years being allocated three periods on an on-off rota equivalent to one-and-a-half periods per week year round, before being restored to two slightly shorter periods per week from Session 2013–14, back to one-and-a-half for 2015–16, two for 2016–17 and down to one for 2017–18. So what we can get done varies from year to year, but what we’re trying to achieve over the two-year span (outlined in the rest of this section) remains similar if still subject to further review for Curriculum for Excellence.

[Course still short of structured singing and opportunities to integrate other, ‘non-classroom’ instruments from home!]