Notation: Pitch


Typically S1, Term 1




Music reading/writing introducing treble clef (try drawing starting from bottom or middle), notes middle C to high A (ie one leger line below and above stave) and composing/playing musical words/stories (aka cryptograms).

Experiences & Outcomes

EXA 3-17a
EXA 3-16a
EXA 3-19a

Teaching Notes

Note that middle C to high A equates to range of most Percussion Plus instruments (remove lowest/highest notes from the two alto/tenor xylophones to match), with the solitary B the middle note as well as middle line of the stave. So use this as reference point for concepts of lower and higher (where you get the choice of two Cs, Ds, Es, Fs, Gs and As) on both stave and instrument.

Treble Clef from C to A’ (site download).
Musical Words page.

Try to get in some real ‘cryptogram’ stuff like Penguin Café Orchestra’s CAGE DEAD (+ group ‘performance’ of same words) or Liszt BACH Fantasy.

Try each others’ tunes (reading words and checking playing of ups and downs).

Liszt video