Musical Words

CABBAGE in musical notationHere is our list of ‘musical’ words (ones you can make with just the seven musical notes from A to G). It’s not the biggest you’ll find on the Internet, but you shouldn’t believe everything you read on the Internet and (unlike some of the other lists you’ll find) at least we’ve checked all of these to make sure they’re real!

BACH and CAGE DEAD in musical notationFor the curious, you can make more words with the German musical alphabet because the Germans call B ‘H’ and Bb ‘B’, giving you eight letters. This lets you spell names like ‘Bach’ (Bb A C B), which many composers have used since Bach’s day (he was a great composer of the Baroque period and lived from 1685 to 1750). Simon Jeffes of the Penguin Cafe Orchestra also wrote a piece called ‘Cage Dead’ in memory of the composer John Cage. The fancy name for this sort of thing is ‘musical cryptogram’.

Musical words
 A  AAA (basaltic lava)AB (slang for abdominal muscle)ABA (fabric or garment)ABACA (Phillipine plant)ABB (wool or yarn)ABBA (Swedish pop group)ABBE (sort of cleric)ABE (short for Abraham)ABED (in bed)ACCEDE (to agree etc.)ACCEDED (see accede)ACEACEDAD (short for advert etc.)ADA (Oklahoman city or girl’s name)ADAD (Babylonian god)ADAGE (saying/proverb)ADDADDEDAE (Scots for one)AFF (Scots for off)AGA (Turkish title)AGADE (Mesopotamian city)AGAG (Biblical character (note there’s a famous Glen Coe rock climb ‘Agag’s Groove’))AGBA (tropical tree)AGEAGEDAGEE (Biblical character or dialect for ‘awry’)AGFA (imaging technologies company or nematode worm)
 B  BA (Egyptian bird thing)BAA (what the sheep says)BAAED (what the sheep said)BABA (rum cake)BABEBACCA (round fruit or berry)BACCAE (see bacca (plural))BADBADAGA (Indian people/dialect)BADE (past tense of bid)BADGEBADGEDBAFF (golfing noun/verb)BAFFED (see baff)BAGBAGGAGEBAGGEDBEBEADBEADEDBEAG (Gaelic for small)BECCA (short for Rebecca)BEDBEDDEDBEDE (old English saint)BEEBEEFBEEFEDBEGBEGA (Australian town)BEGGED
 C  CA (Scots for call)CAABA (Mohammedan building)CABCABBAGECABBAGEDCABBEDCACA (Roman goddess)CADCADE (juniper)CADGECADGEDCAECA (see ceca)CAFECAFF (slang for café)CAFFA (historical Crimean city)CAG (short for cagoule)CAGECAGEDCECA (part of intestine)CEDE (to surrender or concede)CEDED (see cede)
 D  DABDABA (Chadic language)DABB (lizard)DABBEDDACE (fish)DADDADA (artistic movement)DADE (to toddle)DAE (Scots for do)DAFF (to make sport, dally, play)DAFFED (see daff)DAG (decoration, lock of wool etc.)DAGDA (Irish god)DAGGA (South African ‘medicinal’ plant)DEADDEAFDEB (debutante)DEBAG (it doesn’t mean what you might think!)DEBAGGED (see debag)DECADEDECAFDEE (metal loop, electrode, the River Dee etc.)DEEDDEEDEDDEFACEDEFACEDDEGAGE (relaxed, detached, uninvolved)
 E  EA (Akkadian god)EBB (what the tide does)EBBED (what the tide did)ED (short for Edward etc.)EDDA (Norse tales or girl’s name)EDGEDEFFACE (to rub out, erase or hide)EFFACED (see efface)EGAD (mild expletive)EGGEGGED
 F  FA (musical note or Arabic letter)FABFABACEAE (family of trees/plants (beans/peas etc.))FACADE (building exterior or fake/sham)FACEFACEDFADFADEFADEDFADGE (loaf or wool-bale, to fit/suit/agree etc.)FADGED (see fadge (verb))FAE (fairies or NE Scots for from)FAFFFAFFEDFAGFAGACEAE (more trees (the beech family))FAGGED (very tired/worn out)FEDFEEFEEDFEEDBAG
 G  GA (Ghanaian people/language)GABGABBEDGABE (short for Gabriel)GAD (to move, a tool, son of Jacob or slang for God)GADABA (Indian people/language)GADBEE (gadfly)GADDED (see gad)GADE (fish)GAE (Scots for go)GAED (Scots for went)GAFF (spar on sailing boat, hook for landing fish etc.)GAFFA (type of sticky tape)GAFFE (a blunder)GAFFEDGAGGAGAGAGE (medieval token of challenge etc.)GAGED (see gage)GAGGEDGE (South American people/language)GEB (Egyptian god)GED (fish)GEDD (see ged)GEE (exclamation etc.)