Typically S1, Term 2




Introduction to instruments of the orchestra, starting with open discussion, continuing with Britten Young Person’s Guide on DVD (formerly CD with worksheets to focus listening) and sections of Holst’s Planets etc.

[For April/May 2020 remote teaching and probable future use, BBC National Orchestra of Wales videos and KHS quizzes etc. in Google Classroom.]

Experiences & Outcomes

EXA 3-19a

Teaching Notes

Britten’s Fugue: flight, chase, compare flash mob (e.g. Ode to Joy flash mob video).

Look out for 5/4 rhythm and ‘col legno’ in Mars (demonstrate with drumstick and acoustic bass guitar), Holst’s signature cryptogram (G, S, A, H = G, Eb, A, B) in Uranus and the door-closing fade-out (first in musical history?) at end of Neptune, with potential to discuss many further concepts (eg ostinato, diminution, programme music).

Saturn opening oscillating ostinato followed at c.2 mins by ‘footsteps’.
Celesta (Venus, Mercury, Neptune, Sugar Plum Fairy!)

Holst videos
Mars col legno 0:13–0:14, 0:36–0:39; trumpet mute 0:26–0:29
SFS, NYPO, DSO ‘kids’ sites
Philharmonia Orchestra instrument guides
MS Word doc