Please note that these S3 pages were (at September 2016) just starting to be developed from the ‘placeholder’ page of the previous 16 months, but are now (March 2018) suddenly already needing serious revision to accommodate the addition of Music Technology to our S3 options choices!

To make a start on this, here’s the text of the new S3 choice handout issued to S2 Music classes on 9 March 2018:

Music and Music Technology

We now have two course options at KHS Music Department with Music Technology on offer for the first time in several years and the first time ever as a separate course. While you’re just choosing for S3 for now, you’ll be able to continue to Nat 4/5, Higher etc. in S4 and above, so we’re also planning our S3 course to get you going for those.

Music Technology courses aren’t about playing instruments (you don’t have to be able to play anything!), but about skills like sound engineering & production and their application to music industry contexts.

To help you choose the course best suited to you, we’ve made this quick table of the main differences:

Skill Music Music Technology
Performing Performing on two instruments (or one instrument and voice) as a substantial part of the course. No performing requirement, but you could still get the chance to play for people to record.
Composing You’ll be composing some music of your own. No composing requirement, but some opportunities to choose creative tasks.
Learning about a broad range of music including classical, popular, folk and world styles. Some music reading/writing requirements. Learning about more specifically 20th/21st century music with the emphasis on popular styles. No formal music reading/writing requirement.
Technology You might be recording your work and/or using a computer for composing, but you don’t have to. This is the main point and you’ll be learning to record and process audio for various purposes.

Music would be considered a Creative & Aesthetic course whereas Music Technology could be considered either Creative & Aesthetic or Technologies.