While Music Technology is now a separate course from Music, you’re still likely to be using some ‘music tech’ equipment in Music. In fact you’ve probably already used some (most likely the multi-track recording/playback features of our Yamaha keyboards) in S1–2, and there are still computer things we expect to be learning. We’ll certainly be doing an introduction to Sibelius, which is a music typesetting program with great playback capabilities useful for things like composing (you can create things you’d never be able to perform and record on your own!), performing demos, backing tracks, learning concepts, and improving music reading/writing skills through seeing and hearing notation.

Third Level Music Experiences and Outcomes (not to be confused with National 3!)

  • I can sing and/or play music from a range of styles and cultures and perform my chosen music confidently using performance directions, musical notation and/or playing by ear.
    EXA 3-16a
  • I can use my voice, musical instruments or music technology to improvise or compose with melody, rhythm, harmony, timbre and structure.
    EXA 3-17a
  • I have listened to a range of music and can identify features and concepts. I can give constructive comments on my own and others’ work, including the work of professionals.
    EXA 3-19a

Fourth Level Music Experiences and Outcomes (not to be confused with National 4!)

  • I can give assured, expressive and imaginative performances of vocal and/or instrumental music from a wide range of styles and cultures, using performance directions, musical notation, and/or playing by ear.
    EXA 4-16a
  • I can use my chosen vocal and/or instrumental skills to improvise and compose, showing developing style and sophistication.
    EXA 4-17a
  • I can use music technology to compose, record and produce music and to enhance performance.
    EXA 4-17b
  • Having developed my ideas from a range of stimuli, I can create and present compositions using a broad range of musical concepts and ideas.
    EXA 4-18a
  • Having reflected on my personal experiences, including participation and engagement with professionals, I can listen to a wide range of music and identify and analyse technical aspects, make informed judgments and express personal opinions on my own and others’ work.
    EXA 4-19a

[Consider adding other relevant Es & Os etc. — not just Music-specific.]

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