While you’re not officially starting a National Qualifications course (like Nat 4 or 5) in opting for Music at S3, you’ve already been learning NQ Music concepts (perhaps without even realising that’s what they were!) since S1 and before and will continue to do so in S3. For example, your S1 Pitch, Rhythm and Pitch and Rhythm activities covered much of the Nat 3 and 4 ‘music literacy content’ and Orchestra lessons the Nat 3 orchestral families (strings, woodwind, brass, percussion) as well as introducing individual instruments listed at Nat 4 and 5. So we’ll be continuing our coverage of NQ concepts in S3 both for the benefit of those hoping to continue into the Senior Phase and because they’re the kind of things we need to learn about anyway no matter where they’re listed! And, while exact content may vary from year to year, we have at least some aims for every S3 class like (but not limited to):

  • Complete general coverage of Nat 3 concepts outstanding from S1–2
  • Specific (topic-based) look at the development of Blues, Jazz, Rock’n’Roll and ultimately Rock and beyond from roots in the African-American slave experience (note that these four styles are all listed at Nat 3)
  • Specific (topic-based) look at the music of Scotland
  • Specific (topic-based) look at world music

We’ll also be asking for some independent research and revision of music concepts for presentation by varied methods like class talks, PowerPoints, short essays etc., and you’ll find some useful links for these (starting with Education Scotland) on our Links page here.