[Page started 23 September 2016]

You’ve probably already used some music technology (most likely the multi-track recording/playback features of our Yamaha keyboards) in S1–2. While listing ‘technology’ here doesn’t mean we’re about to start on some full-scale exploration of sound engineering and production (which we’d like to be teaching, but have so far sadly found squeezed out since SQA split Music and Music Technology into two separate courses), there are still computer programs we expect to be learning and we’ll certainly be doing a formal introduction to Sibelius.

Now, Sibelius is not a recording program but a music typesetting tool which also happens to be very good at playing back the music you write in it. Which means that it has numerous useful applications in the music class including composing tool (you can create things you’d never be able to perform and record on your own!), playback device for performing demos, backing tracks and interactive concept demos, and aid to learning music reading/writing where you can both see and hear the notation being played.

[To be continued…]