Out of date and needing revision, but Music pupils please keep practising regardless!

As a Senior Phase Music pupil, you really need to be practising your Performing Skills outside class time (we’re recommending at least two hours a week), so should treat this as your regular Music homework unless alternative work has specifically been set. You’ll be expected to maintain a simple Home Practice Log (to be signed by a parent and brought to class on a weekly basis) to show you’re meeting this requirement, and should also be aware of the following:

  • Remember that performing time in class is normally for consulting or rehearsing with the teacher, asking for help, recording assessments etc. and not for the kind of open-ended practice you can do at other times.
  • If you haven’t got the facilities you need at home for the instruments you chose and can’t borrow, you must arrange to use them at school! (You can also add lunchtime/after-hours sessions from the Music Department Room Log to your Home Practice Log.)
  • Please treat the two hours out-of-class as a minimum, not a limit, and be aware that two hours split between two different performing studies may still not be enough to develop the skills you need when there’s little more than six months of term time from starting new courses in June to final Performing exams in February/March.
  • Remember that you can borrow some instruments (typically guitar, bass, keyboard or portable piano) over weekends and holidays.