Junk Music, December 2008

The contraption you see (and music you hear) in the YouTube video was put together with eleven S1 pupils over an afternoon and the following morning for our cross-curricular Eco Project, and inspired by the work of the Junkman Donald Knaack. It was a hugely successful exercise creating quite a stir at the time and drawing an enthusiastic response from the Junkman himself when we subsequently told him about it!

The embedded video can also be accessed directly at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kv1JmZvML3E. Look out for the random intervention of the school bell at 1:36…

A follow-up handout containing web links and ideas for further experimentation was issued to the pupils, and you can download it from https://www.khsmusic.info/wp-content/uploads/junkmusic.pdf (213 KB).