You can click the thumbnails for larger versions, but please note that even the ‘full-sized’ photos were kept to just 320px x 240px to give a general overview of departmental work avoiding higher-res. individual shots.

First Look at the New School, June 2008

It didn’t take us long to create some proper floor space by rearranging those rows of tables into more practical compact groups!

2008-06-18newschool1 2008-06-18newschool2 2008-06-18newschool3

Packing up the Old School, June 2008

While the heavy moving was all handled for us, we helped by dealing with most of the instruments and more delicate equipment ourselves.

2008-06-18oldschool1 2008-06-18oldschool2 2008-06-18oldschool3 2008-06-25oldschool1 2008-06-25oldschool2 2008-06-27oldschool1 2008-06-27oldschool2

Walk-in Store, February 2011

It’s just a store, but a lot more than we had in the old school, very useful and much fuller now!


Recording Room, March 2011

Newly-extended worktop?

2011-03-04studio1 2011-03-04studio2

Paul Wilson Visit, January 2014

Paul Wilson of Snow Patrol is from Kinlochleven, went to school here, studied Music to Higher Level with us and played guitar in our school bands. Here he’s returning to work with our ‘Rockskool’ group.

2014-01-22paulwilsonvisit1 2014-01-22paulwilsonvisit2 2014-01-22paulwilsonvisit3 2014-01-22paulwilsonvisit4 2014-01-22paulwilsonvisit5 2014-01-22paulwilsonvisit6 2014-01-22paulwilsonvisit7 2014-01-22paulwilsonvisit8 2014-01-22paulwilsonvisit9 2014-01-22paulwilsonvisit10

Snow Patrol Guitar, January 2014

This Mexican Fender signed by Paul and his Snow Patrol colleagues was given to us prior to the opening of the new school, but we’d just not got round to photographing it for the site before!

2014-01-23snowpatrolguitar1 2014-01-23snowpatrolguitar2 2014-01-23snowpatrolguitar3