You can click the thumbnails for larger versions, but please note that even the ‘full-sized’ photos were kept to just 320px x 240px to give a general overview of departmental work avoiding higher-res. individual shots.

S3 Performing, February 2011

Could be individual work and/or some group performing (possibly Sunshine of Your Love).

2011-02-25s3performing1 2011-02-25s3performing2 2011-02-25s3performing3 2011-02-25s3performing4 2011-02-25s3performing5 2011-02-25s3performing6 2011-02-25s3performing7 2011-02-25s3performing8 2011-02-25s3performing9

S3 Composing, January 2014

Looks like Sibelius!

2014-01-23s3composing1 2014-01-23s3composing2

S3 Performing, January 2014

Individual practice on chosen instruments?

2014-01-23s3performing1 2014-01-23s3performing2 2014-01-23s3performing3 2014-01-23s3performing4 2014-01-23s3performing5 2014-01-23s3performing6 2014-01-23s3performing7 2014-01-23s3performing8 2014-01-23s3performing9 2014-01-23s3performing10